At Atticus College Counseling, LLC, we are committed to helping students find colleges and universities where they will succeed academically and be happy.

We believe that the college counseling process should begin and end with the student.  A key element in this student-centered approach to the college admission's process is the expectation that the student will take control.  A successful college process allows students to discern for themselves who they are and what they want, apart from expectations of others.  The ultimate college choice is secondary to this journey to adulthood.  We recognize that college decisions can have a significant impact on the entire family, so we value and encourage parental input.  We will guide, counsel, ask, advise, suggest, and inform, to help students find college environments that best fit their unique talents and interests.  Ultimately, however, the students who are happiest with their college choice are those who are responsible for the decisions in the college admissions process.