The counselors at Atticus College Counseling, LLC, provide knowledge, guidance, and support to students and their families so that the students may conduct an effective college search and ultimately make the best college admission decision.  We strive to counsel students to find a college that meets their academic, social, emotional, financial, and geographic needs.  We do not get the students into the college.   They get themselves in!


What Do We Do?

  • Help your student build a college list.

  • Help your student prepare a resume and an activity sheet.

  • Help your student articulate the data portions of their college applications to maximize content given space limitations.

  • Brainstorm with your student about admission essays, and then provide feedback about the essays once written.

  • Advise your student about how to optimize college visits.

  • Advise your student about getting the best recommendation letters.

  • Prepare your student for admissions interviews.

  • Assist your student with managing wait list offers.

  • Provide advice to your student about a final enrollment decision.

  • Work as a facilitator between you and your student from the beginning of the process until the end.